Day One’s Miracle

21 Aug

Mom and I drove the 932 miles to my new town today, which took fourteen and a half hours in all.  Yeah.  I thank God we made it all in one day.  Plus, He saved a room for us, letting us stay at mom’s hotel a day early.  Sweetness.

Anyway, back to my story. 

We had driven 931 of the miles without incident.  The sun had set, and night had already stuck its foot in the door.  I had the atlas on my lap, looking for my school to appear on the right, watching with expectation, a little on edge.

As we were passing through an intersection, a silver truck quickly turned onto our road, the expressway.  It seemed like it was going to hit us, so Mom freaked out. With a sudden intake of breath, she turned the steering wheel, accidentally shifting gears into neutral.  She put it back into what she thought was Drive, and pushed the gas to readjust our position.

It wasn’t in drive.

It was in Reverse.

I heard the squealing of tires.

…but we were still moving forward.

Mom slowly drove to the edge of the road, turned off and restarted the van, and we were on our way.

If the van had gone in reverse, we surely would have hit someone.

True story.

I think God protects His children.

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