Ummm… that was fast.

26 Aug

View from my dorm

Classes started today, and I already know that I’m going to love them!

I am in a special pilot group of fifty students who all have an interest in art and culture.  The program that we are trying out (called Learning Communities) takes the general courses required (speech, fine arts, composition, computer technology, and literature) and combines them into two classes, Rhetoric and Aesthetics.  This leaves me with several credit hours that I can use in another class I would like; Calculus, for instance.  Because the professors are working together as our teachers, all of the skills we learn in one class is used on purpose in another.  Everything just makes more sense.  If this program goes well, more Learning Communites in different themes will be added next fall.

But that is not the event that I had heretofore mentioned.

I have a job.

I work at the nearby church’s after-school program for neighborhood kids, a place for them to hang out and do their homework.  The program is run entirely by work-study students from my school.  I work with the middle schoolers, being with them and tutoring them.  This fits in my schedule perfectly and I can walk there.  Plus, it’s a smashing way to make a difference in the lives of some preteens. Today I played volleyball with them.  I love my job!

Thanks, God!

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