I’ll think of a good title another time.

02 Sep

Every day as I walk to the Commons where the cafeteria is, I pass by the three-level fountains in the square.  I reach out my hand as I pass the biggest one, and catch a couple of droplets.  Attending the Luthern church for the six months that I did, the words “go, walking wet in the promises of God” ring through my mind, and I think.  I think I am a blessed child of God, and His Hand is holding me fast. 

I am thankful for the fountain.

Today I was contemplating, as usual.  A friend of mine calls me “Smart Girl,” mainly because I am taking Calculus for fun. It made me think: what makes someone intellegent?  Is is merely their mind’s ability to store and recall information?  Or is it how quickly they can solve a problem?  And what kinds of problems?

Everyone has their own special set of skills, talents, and interests.  Mine just flourishes within an academic setting. 

I love college.

P.S. Send tea.

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Posted by on September 2, 2009 in Vibrant Life


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