Names, names

07 Sep

How many new names have I learned yesterday and today?

Tucker, Rachel, Antonio, Jesus, Pete, Phil, Ani, two Camerons, Sarai, baby Maya, Chase, Matt, Herschel, and Jeremiah.

I think that’s it.

I love the diversity of my friends.  At lunch, I look around the table at some Hispanics, Koreans, African-Americans, and a couple of Caucasians, and feel like I am at home.  Even better, half of them speak fluent Spanish, so I can practice with them.  I have met other ministry interns, and visited a couple of churches.  I am excited about where I am right now, exactly where God wants me.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, where ironically, no one labors.  I’ve never understood the name.  I always figured: Why not call it No Labor Day or Sans-Labor Day (sans  being French for without)? Anyhow, most of the campus is closed like it’s Sunday twice.

I had an adventure with one of my good chica friends today.  She drove me to check out a church and a potluck, but then we decided to run to a dollar store to buy some fun things.  Today, that meant a yo-yo, Dominos, plastic bubble-blowing stuff from our childhood, and glow-in-the-dark tattoos. 

Then we came back to the dorm.  For a socialogy project, she had to do something “out of the social norm” and tell about her experience.  She decided to dress strangely and take pictures of snuggling couples around campus without asking.  So I accompanied her, covering myself with scarves and bringing my camera to take pictures of her.  When asked what the pictures were for, she answered, “the government.”  Unhappily for her, we didn’t find many snuggling couples; we had fun anyway.

Ah, yes.  Good times in college.

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