Do not worry about…what? Are you sure?

11 Sep

Anything, God?  Really? Not even…?

The past week has been one of the more emotionally trying weeks of the year.

What with trying to get into the swing of my classes, my first job, studying, friends, trying to figure out how to visit eight churches in four weeks without a car (part of my internship), trying not to think about my finances this week, trying to sort out my calling to ministry, and still rest in God and trust Him, I have been quite the busy woman.

I am finally in the place where I fully trust God with my future husband, whoever that is.  I am content to wait, serve God, and live a holy lifestyle.

I am not past all of my worrying, though.

Through unusual circumstances, last night I did not go to any of the three places I was planning on, and so I just took my friend Raschelle to the local college student small group/youth group.  Food, worship, a challenging message, a place to grow.  I love it there.  I really needed to go there last night. 

So, I have seen God work in mysterious ways.  Today, He spoke to me through my subconscious.

ha ha, I know, you think I’m crazy.

This morning I woke up with a song stuck in my head that I haven’t heard or sung in a month. 

The lyrics are:  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me x2

I will do my best to do what God says/ I will obey every day and trust Him to take care of me/ In all things

Jesus helps me to do what I never thought I could/ He shows me how all things work together for my good

So I will follow God’s perfect plan for me/ I will not fear the future, because I believe… [back to beginning]

And this evening, while I was “sucking it up” and doing some difficult homework due tomorrow, I started to sing a song I haven’t heard in many, many months.  It goes:

Sometimes the journey’s gentle/sometimes the cold wind blows/ but I want you to remember/wherever you may go

You will never walk alone/ as long as you have faith/ Jesus will be right beside you all the way

and you may feel you’re far from home/ but home is where He is/ and He’ll be there, down every road/ you will never walk alone.


I’ve heard that God is closest in the darkest times.  He knew I need to hear Him right now.

He will get me through this.

He rocks my world.


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