Long time, no post

14 Dec

I’m finally back on. 

For some reason, wordpress would not allow me to log on, so I have not been able to tell all of you all of the wonderful things that have happened during my freshman fall semester.

I’m flying home this Friday, and I cannot wait to see all of my family again.  Going four months without them has been a harder thing for me than I had thought.

On another train of thought: how many parties can one person go to in three weeks?

By this Friday, I will have been to ten. Ten!

My birthday, LHGH, 4rth floor dorm party, Secret Santa, Julia’s birthday, youth group, surprise party, goodbye party, Mrs. Erica lunch party, family return party.  Stick a fork in me! I’m done.

By the way, over the past two days, I have made a piece of art to hang above my bed.  I’m so proud.  Here is a picture of it.

created December 12 and 13, 2009

acrylic paint, modge-podged scraps on recycled cardboard.

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