Hooray for Christmas!

25 Dec

I got everything I needed!

Rainboots for the usual downpours of my state.

A new camera, as my old one was lost.

A new phone, as I had my old one for a year and a half.

But I think my favorite gift was the family parties that are going on.  Last night I got to see how much my toddler cousin had grown in the four months that have passed since I was home last.  I practiced my leadership skills by directing the Seven Cousins’ Third Annual Christmas show.  🙂  With permission from the author, we performed a short skit called “The Mystery of Dunbar Mansion,” a comedy.  My baby cousin stole the show by walking up to her brother, playing the not-dead man with a knife in his back, and trying to figure out what he was doing laying on the ground.  She is precious.

Right now, my sister and I are baking Rollo cookies, cresent rolls, and sweet potatoes for Christmas dinner.  At college, I really miss being able to cook whenever I want.  But that makes coming home even more special.

To whoever reads this, I heartily wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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Posted by on December 25, 2009 in Vibrant Life


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