Back to wonderful

16 Jan

I’m back to wonderful.

Back to school, back to work, back to my internship, back to my friendlys (as one of them likes to say).

This semester is looking like we will be taking things up a notch or six academically, but I feel ready.

I absolutely love my roommate, Kyun-me (or Sharon, the English name she has chosen), from South Korea.  I’m learning some Korean words and phrases, and very much enjoy talking with her about life and differences in our two cultures.  I learned how to say the equivalent of my name in Korean: you should ask me to pronounce it sometime.

I have already begun spending my free time with my friends doing random things.  Yesterday, I got to help serve dinner to some homeless friends downtown with Antonio.  I got to play a song I wrote for Peter today.  He was so excited to have a song written just for him.  A very complex, yet simple, song, too.

Well, look at that.  It is already one in the morning.  A Saturday morning, no less.  I should have started this post earlier.  But, then again, I was out talking with a friend about life for three and a half hours in the prayer chapel.  I couldn’t have started this earlier.  🙂 

Life is good.

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