Ice storms… delicious?

29 Jan

Yesterday, waiting for my friend to pick me up to stay for a couple of days, part of TobyMac’s song Ignition kept running through my mind: So welcome to the quiet before the storm hits.

During dinner at a professor’s house, we found that school would be cancelled Thursday and Friday, giving us a four-day weekend.  What a wonderful thing.

I had two projects due that were going to be due that I haven’t finished.  This would have meant much sleep loss. 

But not now.

All of the girls in my dorm were encouraged to check out and spend the next couple of days at home or with friends.  This was because if the power went out, campus would not be a very fun place to be.

I packed up some stuff and went to what has become a prolonged sleepover with five of my best girl friends.  So far, we have tried on each other’s prom dresses, had a princess photoshoot (complete with incognito superhero mask), watched The Princess Bride, and read the entirety of my favorite book, Two Princesses of Bamarre, out loud.  There has also been much singing and dancing.  I am fairly certain that every one of us has been very deeply affirmed in our beauty as well.  Hooray for best friends.

Yes, the world is covered with ice outside.  I think.  I looked outside a couple of times today.

I’m too cozy and warm inside to care. 


What is it like to be homeless in an ice storm?

I think it’s time for me to go pray.

Have a lovely day!

This is a picture from home, since candles are totally not allowed in the dorms.

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