For such a time as this… such a time as this…

05 Apr

Tonight, I walked one of my middle schoolers home from our teen Celebrate Recovery program. 

If you don’t know what it is, Life Hurts, God Heals is a program especially designed to help teens work through the things they are struggling with: attitudes, family problems, addictions, and bad relationships.  Needless to say, our teens are going through a lot.

She and I took the long way home in order to keep talking about her relationship problems and how she wants to be baptized.  I had never been inside of her house before.  It was a wreck.  Her father was playing videogames in the living room and never said a word or looked up while we passed through.  I met her youngest sister and talked with her mother about an upcoming youth event. 

During the ten or so minutes I was there, the three girls showed me their room and kept trying to give me things like candy and glow in the dark insect toys.  As I talked with them, their eyes shone.  They were so excited to show me their favorite things.  They just need someone to love on them.

Gosh, I love where God has placed me.  The saying “you may be the only Jesus some people ever see” means so much to me now.  It might not have been true for me before, given that most of the people I knew were either Christian or had a lot of Christian friends.  But here, I have friendships with teens who do not have any other Christian examples of God’s love to them.  Wow.  Who am I that I should be given this responsibility?  This honor?

Thank you, God.

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