Freshman year comes to a close

29 Apr

So much to do, to finish, to study for, to sort through, to pack up.

So many goodbyes to be said.

I still have two more papers to finish, and five exams to prepare for.

Though you would think that I do not have a lot of stuff, it is pretty difficult to figure out what should stay here in storage and how I will fit the rest into my suitcase.  Which I need to patch up with duct tape…

I have learned a lot in class.  I’ve learned about how messy the Christian walk can be and how identity is formed in conflict, when stressors provide an environment for change and redefinition.  I stretched my brain power in Calculus I, my analytical skills in fine arts, my observational skills in Psychology of Children and Youth, and my theology in Intro to Christian Faith and Practice.  I am nearly over my fear of speaking in public. 

I have learned and grown so much this year.  I am learning to “grow a spine” as I like to say, becoming better with disciplining teens and confronting peers.  I am still trying to get it through my head that I mess up just like everyone else does, and that it is okay to be human.  You know, I try to be perfect far too much of the time.

I have experienced a lot in ministry with my teens, from talking with a girl who does not value herself and wants love and attention from guys,  to praying for a suicidal friend of a friend of a friend, to preaching in youth group.  I have talked with middle school girls about baptism, missions, sex, purity, and the importance of standards and boundaries. 

And all I can say is… I’m coming back next year.

This is why I bring playdoh to the afterschool program.

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