Ahhh, summer

26 May

Just between the spring rains and the summer heat, between college classes and the beginning of my summer job, between responsibilities–this is my favorite time of year.  Teens graduating, full of hope and expectancy.  Camp retreat to prepare for emotionally, physically, spiritually.  A week that is all my own.  Plus the van that my parents don’t use that I most definitely do.

It has to be a God thing, how I got my first full-time job this summer.  My mom knew the lady who runs the coffeeshop and referred the two of us to each other.  The day I went over to meet her, the cafe was closed, so I went to the only other place she could be: the cafe on the other side of town owned by the same man.  He was there, and less than five minutes later, so was she.  She had just happened to lock herself out of the cafe as she was closing it, and had to come get the key from the owner.  So we met.  She asked me a few questions, read over my resume, and hired me on the spot.  I start barista training in five days.  Wow. 

Something beautiful happened today.  I got to spy on some baby robins.

They live in a nest in a bush next to our backyard deck.  Their mom had just left, so I decided to see if I could see the nest, which none of my family had seen yet.  I got about a foot and a half away from it before I saw there were actually baby birds in it!  I took several pictures of them.  There were three of them, and one’s eyes were not open yet.  A little ugly.  But still cute.  And silent as a crew of mimes as they occasionally opened and closed their mouths.  A minute after I had returned inside, the mother returned with a bunch of worms in her beak.  Precious moment.

Can you see all three?


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