Again with the updates

07 Jul

Still loving summer. Not the heat, which has just kicked in hardcore.

But I am still loving so much time just being with my family.  Like I have probably mentioned, not seeing them eight months out of the year was a little tough for me freshman year.

I am already gearing up for next semester, which is 49 days away! Woot woot!  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, tackling some hard classes (macroeconomics is a required course, seriously?), and experiencing many more adventures.

Today, I spent  about five hours working on the quilt I designed.  Here is the rough sketch:

And here is what I did today:

About a four-foot square

I also did the four corner pieces, but didn’t take pictures of them.  I would say that by the time I leave for school, I should have the whole topquilt done. I’m pretty proud of myself; it has turned out exactly as I had dreamt it up.

 ><))>  ——– ><))>

This summer, my mom told me that I have ADD.  My life makes a lot more sense now.  The way I want to say the most off-the-wall things, sometimes at the wrong time, is just the way I was wired.  I’m glad I was homeschooled; this gave me a good environment to teach myself self-control instead of just being put on some kind of medication or labeled.  But since I have learned when it is okay to be informal and when I need to stay focused, it annoys me when I see others who aren’t being serious at the right times.  Pet peeve, I suppose.

Hmmmmm… I think that’s all for now.  Stay tuned, folks!

Especially that one person who may have been the only person to check out this blog this month.  I appreciate you!

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Posted by on July 7, 2010 in Just Talking/Thinking


One response to “Again with the updates

  1. Aunt Laurie

    July 13, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Your quilt looks amazing! I love the design and the choice of colors. Keep at it and you’ll get it done before you return to school.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product…


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