Another unexpected encounter.

25 Sep

I love it when God makes appointments for me to meet with people who need it.  Especially strangers.

Today, it was the prayer chapel. As I got within ten feet of it, a man in his mid-twenties opened the door for me.  I could tell that he had been on his way out, but when he saw me, he came into the chapel as well.  I explained that I liked to pace while I pray, and he replied that he doesn’t pray much.  Rather interesting case, actually. Pastor’s kid, graduated from my Christian college two years ago, enlisted as special forces, and packing up his belonging at this moment to go wherever the Air Force tells him. 

He came to the prayer chapel to pray, though he says he doesn’t have a relationship with God. That he and God “have our own terms.”  He believes in God; it’s just that he is “stubborn.” “Everyone’s different,” he said. 

A.K.A. his life is not really submitted to God.

It was a rather interesting half-hour. He was defensive about everything I said, yet he stayed.  I paced around the front of the chapel like I’m accustomed to doing, and he sat in a middle pew. And we talked about faith. It was rather neat. I was being as gentle as I could, but I really think God used me to speak to him.  God is definitely trying to get his attention, and our conversation gave him a lot to think about.

It gave me something to pray about. His name is Matty.

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