Thank you, Lord, for Sabbath

03 Oct

I love the weekend.

No classes, no assignments usually to worry about turning in (though I do have an online essay to write this weekend), and the fleeting sense of having free time.  I almost never schedule my weekends.  I do my laundry and the next week’s assignments, but any overflow of time is all mine.  This leaves me with the freedom to do something spontaneous with my friends.

Take yesterday, for example. My school has a Sadie-Hawkins type of costume party every fall, where the girl asks the guy out and pays for the date.  This year’s theme is “Big Kid Day,” where everyone is supposed to come dressed as something from their childhood.  For me and my boyfriend, that means dressing up as Westley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride. The party is this Friday.

But, as of yesterday, I did not have my costume together.  Seeing as I had free time, I called up two of my best friends and we went “thrifting.” But since the one with the car had locked her keys in her room, we decided to walk.  Now, I did not know that the nearest Goodwill  and then Hobby Lobby was so far away.  We ended up walking a good 21 blocks before calling up another friend to drive us the rest of the way to the second location.

But I now have my costume! I’m excited.  Now I just need to help with Brenden’s “man in black” costume, and we’ll be set.

This is my life.  ❤ And I’m loving it.

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Posted by on October 3, 2010 in Vibrant Life


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