I Really Am Doing This.

18 Nov

Long time, no post. Crazy good life.

Tomorrow night is the benefit concert I’ve coordinated to raise awareness about human trafficking and slavery.  I can’t believe it.  It’s totally a God thing, though.  It is really cool; God put it on my heart, I said yes, and the rest fell into place (with some work). 

Imagine: two days of school, then I’m off to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving week with my boyfriend’s family, all three of which I have already met over the past two months. 

It must be time for my thankful list!

I’m thankful for…

the middle schoolers I work with, who are so much fun and just need love and attention.

Rest!  Between my jobs, internship, classes, duties as a President’s ambassador over Homecoming weekend, and preparing for the concert, I literally made myself sick by Tuesday morning. I’m better now, but am glad to have the holidays coming up.

The card game Hand-and-Foot.  I’m very pleased to hear how many of Brenden’s friends and family know how to play it.  Good times to come.

My fantastic friends who love Jesus so much.  It is very fulfilling to see my peers plugged into their passions, whatever that may be, and using their gifts for God.

Well, pray for me. I’ve got to finish preparing my part in the concert, the closing words.  I’m already ready to play the song I wrote on the piano.  I am so stoked about tomorrow!  Thank you, God!

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