New Mexico

08 Aug

I got married close to 3 months ago to my true love.

Best decision ever.

We worked at a Christian camp in New Mexico for the summer, and in a week we are returning to Oklahoma City. I have just one semester left before I graduate with my bachelor’s degree.

After that, I am hoping to attend seminary and continue in ministry.

I have no idea what that will look like. But I’m okay with that.

Maybe it will look like teaching in Mongolia, like my friends the Troutmans. Or serving in Papua New Guinea, like my friends the Stephensons. I must admit, I am a little jealous of their adventures. Maybe my physicist  husband and I will travel the world, living out the love of Christ to others.

Or, maybe we will stay right here in America. Who knows? We are just waiting on a dream, praying for a vision. I know God will guide us in all things.


In other news…

Do you know what the nosiest vegetable is?

The pepper! Cuz it gets jalapeno business!

(You might have to read it out loud to get it)

Grace and peace,

Mrs. Smith



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