Yep. Still alive. I have a degree now!

19 Mar

I’m really sorry that I have not written here for so long. But I am glad to start again.

That is the wonderful thing about blogs; they always take you back without asking why it has been so long.

And why has it been so long? Well, I was finishing college and getting used to married life.

Now I am mostly settled in and trying to figure out what comes next. I am supposed to start seminary this fall (which terrifies me!!). Plus, I have been officially put in the books as a (volunteer) part-time associate pastor at my church. It means I get experience, and it means that the time clock starts ticking as I work towards getting ordained as a Nazarene pastor.

Have I mentioned that I’m a pastor? I sometimes forget what I have told you people. Let me tell you, being a pastor snuck up on me slowly. And where did it start? Perhaps when I switched to being a Theology/Ministry major. Or maybe when I was a teenager learning chords on the piano and helping with youth group worship…or maybe as my parents taught me how to volunteer at church as a kid. Not sure. One my friends once told me, “Sometimes you don’t know what your calling is until you are six feet deep in it.” Wise words, for a 16-year old.

So, in the meantime of figuring things out, I have been learning to cook and bake. A lot. And posting pictures to my facebook for friends to drool over. Today it was loaded baked potato soup and pretzels with honey. I might turn this into a cooking blog–I’m warning you now, so if my handful of readers want to object, tell me now.  🙂

I’m back because I haven’t been journaling for months. And I need to put thoughts somewhere. Lucky you.

In the next posts, I will probably bring up my grandma’s cancer report (that I am anxiously waiting for), marriage thoughts, Lent thoughts, calling stuff, etc.

–The Mrs.

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