An Ode to Tea

12 May


From your home


In unbearable heat


Into plastic


Flown into countries


Purchased by persons


Consumed in mornings


Brewed in evenings


Sipped by humans


Thank you, Tea.

2011 - probably chamomile (though drinking it now makes me feel like there is some college homework I'm evading)

2011 – probably chamomile (though drinking it now makes me feel like there is some college homework I’m evading)

I have been a tea drinker since the Mother-Daughter Tea my church had when I was eight. I started on the easy stuff: a teacupful of mint tea with two packets of sugar. I slowly worked my way through trying all sorts of tea and inviting friends over to share in the relaxing ritual. As I write this, I’m drinking a high-quality green tea that my uncle-in-law bought in Beijing. It is amazing! One reason I am such a fan of tea is that it isn’t like other beverages, like grabbing a soda. With pop, you just twist the top off of the bottle and you can chug it down. Not so with tea. Drinking tea at my house has an entire ritual that goes along with it. First, the tea  kettle must be filled 3/4 with fresh water and set on the stove top to boil. I pick a coffee mug from one cupboard and turn to choose a tea. Because I love tea, my friends give it to me as a present. Consequently, I currently have stocked up the following teas: green tea, blackberry/sage, chamomile, and blueberry/acai herbal teas, Downton Abbey English breakfast tea (best ever!), Teavana’s Samurai Chai Mate and Youthberry, Earl Grey, Bigelow’s Constant Comment, Vanilla Chai, black tea from London, orange pekoe, rooibos, lemon mate, mint, green jasmine, decaf vanilla nut creme, Twining’s Irish breakfast tea, white tea (that I don’t like and hope a guest will drink the last lonely bag of), decaf pumpkin spice, jack o’lantern tea (whatever that is), organic roasted dandelion root, and cinnamon twist tea. Now, before you start thinking I am crazy, let me emphasize the fact that some of the mentioned types had only one or two tea bags representing it. I don’t have boxes and boxes of tea.

But believe what you want. If it comforts you to believe you have found the tea equivalent of the crazy cat lady, I would accept the title. Just call me the mad hatter.



How about you? Do you drink tea? What is your current favorite flavor?

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One response to “An Ode to Tea

  1. desjmom

    May 13, 2014 at 12:26 am

    I like tea. I am still a mint tea girl, unless I don’t feel well then I just want a plain cup of black tea to go with my dry toast. I have had a nice strong English tea with milk and sugar a few times after a friend came back from a trip and enjoyed it very much. The rest of the time I want a big glass of southern sweet tea!


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