14 May

“What we do here today [at church] is radical insofar as it makes clear that we are not individuals who happen to show up once a week to convince ourselves that the eccentric opinions we hold are not that odd. Rather we are a people, as Rowan Williams suggests, whose imagination is constantly renewed by a celebratory sharing in the great narratives that hold them together, the narratives of God’s actions which have brought them close to each other and whose resonances they recognize in each other.” ~Stanley Hauerwas, Without Apology: Sermons for Christ’s Church

I love these words of Stanley Hauerwas.

Our imagination, as Christian people, is renewed. We are reminded. We are a storied people. We live into and see our lives through the same Story: one of love, new life, and new mission. The gospel defines us and holds us together as a people. We see God’s work in each other, transforming us and conforming us into the image of the only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ.

What We Do Here…Is Radical.

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