About the Author

Hello! I’m Mrs. Smith.

I’m 23, I’m a Nazarene pastor, and I like to braid my hair when it is long. I love Kool-aid and my favorite flavor is orange. I love to bake bread and desserts (and wish I could get paid doing it!). I love cooking pasta and pretending I’m Italian. I am actually American, with a German/French/Irish/Swedish heritage. I married a physicist (who also has Irish ancestors), and we were each other’s first relationship. I lived in Europe for six years when I was younger, and I love to travel. My dad spent twenty-seven months in Iraq, serving our country as a soldier. I am a voracious reader (see what I’ve read this year here) and I love keeping fresh-cut flowers on our table.

Married May 2013

Married May 2013



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