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And the semester is halfway over.

The mouse got caught. Poor thing. My roommate’s boyfriend took it outside of the house and finished the thing off. Though I heard that wild mice don’t live longer than 4 months anyway, I hope you rest in peace, Alfred.

The wedding is now 6.5 months away. The fact that I am marrying this guy who has been my best friend for the past two years is still a very strange idea. I used to sigh at the idea of getting such a commonplace last name. But trying to imagine me introducing myself as Mrs. Smith is something I’m excited about now.  And there is so much to do. I’m in the middle of hiring a ceremony musician and figuring out what the wedding cake should look like. Did you know that there are millions of pictures and wedding ideas online? Even just on Pinterest, hundreds of wedding idea links are being uploaded every day.

This week one of my dearest friends is having a baby boy. (Lord, may he be healthy!) It will be the first time one of my close friends passes that milestone of life. I finally feel like an adult, perhaps because having children of my own might be just a few years away. Wow, that is a scary thought. I am looking forward to having a pseudo-nephew living just a few blocks away…and a friend to relieve for the chance for her to nap sometimes.

One of my favorite parts of life is seeing how community works and forms, people taking care of each other and spending time together. I have a core group of friends (perhaps 5 young couples and 10 single people) who live in the area. We celebrate marriage and new life, as well as grieving together and crying with each other. Heck, we even cook together sometimes. That is my delight in my friendships. I have a strong sense of being connected with others and of being loved, and want to bring others into the circle as well.

Ah, well. Back to research projects. The four I’m working on for the next month cover the topics of Kony 2012 and Uganda, Counseling people with PTSD, the sacrament of baptism, and the end of Moses’ life. Interesting topics, all of them.

Have a lovely day!

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