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Mission Accomplished!

Yup. I got all five of my shots! Let’s see if I can remember them: yellow fever, typhoid, Hep A (2nd dose), tetanus, and a polio booster. Both arms have been really sore for the past 2 days.

But I’m that much closer to Uganda! I fly in about 34 days.

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Almost ready!

 Things are falling into place for my trip to Africa. I’ve bought most of my required books for next semester, as well as my pajamas. Apparently, the modest thing to wear to bed in Uganda is full-length nightgowns. I was lucky to find a pair in a store that are flannel and covered with little red birds.  🙂

I hope to get my shots for Uganda this week: Yellow Fever, Tetanus, maybe even Typhoid. I say “I hope” because the county health department is still waiting for a new shipment of yellow fever vaccinations, as they ran out last week. Goodness. Everyone in this city must be leaving the country. Must be the cool pjs people wear in other countries.

I don’t care about shots, though I hated them as a kid.  I can remember a time when I was little, squirming and giving such a fuss that I clear kicked my shoe off. I must have been a joy.

I checked the time zone difference. I will be 8 hours ahead of Eastern time, and 9 hours ahead of Central time. Good gracious, that is far.  Pray for my mom if you think of her, would you?  She is having a hard time letting her “little bear” live for 4 months on another continent.

The location of Uganda in Africa
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